Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Watching MTV's Cribs might go something like this: a hideous formal white living room with swirly suede couches and too high ceilings/ an over-the-top fish tank/ kitchen with granite countertops & a sub zero fridge (containing either organic food or grandmama's cookin' 0r their favorite packaged foods - all perfectly alined)/ movie room with black leather lay-Z-boys/ an "office" displaying memorabilia, awards, platinum records, photos of famous friends/ hallways strewn with portraits of...them/ a bedroom with a flatscreen TV and a bed "where the magic happens"/ huge closet containing their huge collection of nikes? stilettos? fur coats? LV bags?/ faux lagoon style pool/ ferrari, porsche, mercedes, bmw, escalade/ the view that reminds them to stop and smell the roses/ and a mock kicking out of the camera crew - BORING!

There is the rare gem though. My favorite Cribs episode features the home of Blink 182 member Mark Hoppus, a home done with thought, personality, and taste. It's a beautiful Spanish style home with an inside-outside kitchen, great landscaping (some even planted by him!), original art & collections, dark wood beam ceilings, wood sauna, and a modern hot tub with fiber-optics made to look like constellations. Check out his Simpson's action figure collection above and watch his full Cribs segment here:      

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