Sunday, August 3, 2008

Julie Atlas Muz

I have been taking burlesque classes in NYC with Jo Boobs, at the Slipper Room. It's fun. The very first lesson we all took our shirts off and learned how to tassel twirl. I happen to be a natural. Whatever, no biggie. I really want to perform, but I am nervous to be naked on stage in front of a lot of people. It's kind of like a bad dream, but with music and sparkles. I'm going to do it though! Maybe even next week. We might be having a student showcase. I wrote an email to Julie Atlas Muz, who is a performace artist and burlesque sensation. I was asking her if she had any advice for a new burlesque performer. This is what she wrote:

Hey Sweetie-

Well doll the best advice I can give you is enjoy yourself and love the audience. It's not rocket science and your not playing carnegie hall, yet, so put all your heart and enthusiasm into it, but not too much pressure. I hope to see you soon. Curretly I am working on a project in Singapore but will be back in August.


Isn't that nice? Julie has done all sorts of shows where she pops out of balloons, swims naked under water, emerges from a suitcase, and so much more. Her email address is No, Julie, I love you!

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Hanni said...

I wanna see you twirl!!!