Sunday, August 24, 2008

Oh Herbs!

I love herbs. Nothing in the world can compare to fresh herbs! Herbs will take a mediocre dish and make it wonderful. Herbs will take a simple pasta recipe and make it pop. Let's say you make a simple pizza. What? Oregano? And it just became %1000 better. This weekend, for Dad's birthday Shabbat, Devra blew my mind by combining two things that I love very much: herbs and booze. It was a simple rosemary lemonade with vodka. Yum! Lemonade and vodka together are pretty good, but add rosemary and it suddenly becomes amazing. It also works really well with thyme or mint. See? I love herbs! 


Hanni said...

that's not the only kind of herb you like...teeheehee

Devra said...
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